Sunday, November 20, 2011

Gift for a cousin

I made a few things and I wanted to post them to share with you all. I have been sick this idea of getting over the first trimester and being able to be super mom again was such a fantasy. :-) I ended up with several viruses that my children decided to bring home from school and share with all of us then as soon as i got over those I get a cold passed along from my dear husband. I dred colds cause I have Asthma so they always hit me hard. Well I am finally starting to get over my cold and I am able to get out my bed and breathe a little better so to the blog world I come! Without further delay here is the project I worked on for my husbands cousin, she recently had twins pre-maturely and i wanted to send her a gift for the babies. I made her a mini photo album, a set of baby onesies and a matching card to lift her spirits and congratulate her and her husband on their new additions.