Saturday, October 6, 2012

Blogging with a family

It is never easy to be a parent whether you have help from family, a husband, friends, are co-parenting or doing it on your own. Children can pose a challenge everyday and for so many different reasons. My kids are the reason I try to be conscious of every word I say out my mouth, every action I take, and every decision I make. I am so far from perfect but God knows I try very hard on a daily basis, when it comes to my kids. I do know they will not go without these things if I can help it and they are food, a home, clean clothing, water and soap to wash with, and the most important they will never go without love!

I am so proud to claim every one of my six kids. When people ask "how do you do it?" I always tell them with grace and blessings from God I am able to do all things. So with that being said, I begin on this journey of "Blogging" with the same grace and blessings from God. I am still not sure of what the main posts will be about but you can bet there will be posts about my kids, parenting six, being a mom and a student, how I deal with everyday life while keeping my sanity and my house together, I will also have posts about my crafts and the business venture I have along with the blogging venture I decided to take myself on. I cannot promise you will like every post or that I can entertain you in every post but I have been told my life was interesting and that my crafts are worth sharing so I will now let you be the judge.

Please stop in as often as you like I am dedicating myself to this blog at LEAST once a  month, as I get acquainted with this world of blogging I will update more often. Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog today and reading a bit of what is on my mind. Be blessed!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Freecycle Wedding

 I promised to keep you all updated and front and center with my ventures in crafting and business. I made These favors for my wedding and I am late posting them because of my soon to come bundle of joy, that kept me sick this whole time! Today I got an email from a new bride to be on and she is of course excited to be engaged to the love of her life. I remember that feeling as it was not too long ago that i got engaged. I also remember the wave of reality that hit when I started adding up the costs for a wedding and the fact that I am here in FL without any of my close friends and family. My now husband and I figured since I am such a talented and crafty crafter that we would have a DIY wedding. That was an adventure that sent me on a roller coaster of feelings  and ups and downs but I am forever grateful for because it proved to me that I am capable of so many things and that my talent exceeds anything I ever expected from my self. My own wedding was also the event that planted the seed for the idea to start my own business. Back to this email I got today, I have several items I am more than willing to donate to this young lady and one of these things is my crafty services. I do hope she takes me up on the offer, I really need a few events under my belt other than my own wedding. I figure if I donate my services to a few young and in need brides it will be a win-win for us both. I will gain more experience with events, build a client base, an opportunity to take pictures of my work and build a portfolio, I can help to ease the stress of some part of planning a wedding for some lucky bride to be, the bride to be will have the opportunity to help design one of kind decor in their wedding colors, It will definitely save them money on these products by just purchasing the materials and getting the services as a donation. I am so excited about all of this and I look forward to the experiences that this journey will bring! XOXO Check back later!

Monday, January 2, 2012

An album for my hubbs

Hello everyone, I am in the process of moving my posts from my previous blog this blog. and while going through my past posts I found this oldie but goodie. I made this photo/cd album for my husband. He makes music and needed a place to keep the cd's he has his instrumentals and beats on for when he takes them to the studio. I thought it would be nice to add some inspiration to the album for him. His grandmother passed of lung cancer in 2007 and he has made several songs about her, so I know he misses her. I added a few photos of her to some of the pages, as well as cd holders and the blank pages are pockets that he can add some written work in. it took me hrs to complete but it was worth it! I used chipboard for the covers and spine, duct tape for the belt with my cropadile to add eyelets for the belt loop and I used the eyelets to make the page wholes so I could bind them with bakers twine. I hope you like the album as much as we both do. xoxo

Find a passion...

YAY!!! It is a new year and with this new year comes more projects, more ideas and more me! I am now 8 months and have 7 weeks (possibly 6) to go before our little princess arrives. I am so excited about this because OMG! do I want my body back to my self again. I am still going through the pregnancy motions of body aches, sleepless nights, braxton hicks, sciatica and more but I know it is all almost over so I am doing my best to troop this last pregnancy out. I can't believe I am a soon to be mom of six, to think when I was younger I was the one who said I wanted no kids at all. Funny how you make plans for your life, then God turns around and let's you know who is really in control. I am so blessed to have my beautiful children and patient loving husband. I have decided with this new year that I am going to focus on my company/business more, I want to put more into my crafts and God given talents. I realize not everyone can do or make a lot of the things that I am able to make so easily and with comfort. I want to share my talent of creativity with you more so I am gonna focus on it more for this year! I loved making projects for weddings and babies (plus I am good at it) so I have discussed this with my husband we both decided my company needs an area that I can specialize in. I make everything and my crafting is so scattered in different areas such as mini albums, scrapbooking, home decor, weddings, baby showers, party and events decor, clothing, cards and even invitations. It is time I choose just one or two areas to focus and specialize in. I love crafting period, so choosing one or two was not easy but I chose events and decor such as weddings, baby showers and bachelor/bachelorette parties. This will be the main focus of my business, such as invites, save the dates, party favors, gifts, party decor, and more! I am so excited about this because when I was planning my wedding and going the DIY route I absolutely loved it, and when I made stuff for my cousin's baby shower and gift sets for to welcome another cousin's babies home I was in lala land and as happy as can be creating. My dad who is very supportive of me going after my Bachelors in IT Engineering always told me to "find a passion for something you love and make it a business". It is time I follow his advice, of course I am still gonna complete my Bachelors, I could use the background in IT for many things including my current business. So excited about this new year and all the new ideas that it has brought to my heart! I hope you all enjoyed your Holidays and don't forget to check back soon with me as I include you all in my newest ventures of my business! xoxo

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Gift for a cousin

I made a few things and I wanted to post them to share with you all. I have been sick this idea of getting over the first trimester and being able to be super mom again was such a fantasy. :-) I ended up with several viruses that my children decided to bring home from school and share with all of us then as soon as i got over those I get a cold passed along from my dear husband. I dred colds cause I have Asthma so they always hit me hard. Well I am finally starting to get over my cold and I am able to get out my bed and breathe a little better so to the blog world I come! Without further delay here is the project I worked on for my husbands cousin, she recently had twins pre-maturely and i wanted to send her a gift for the babies. I made her a mini photo album, a set of baby onesies and a matching card to lift her spirits and congratulate her and her husband on their new additions.

Friday, September 23, 2011

I'm almost back ...

Okay so here we go again... I have been gone my dear readers because I happen to be going on my sixth child and my first tri-mester was a total mess of nausea, lack of energy and more. Now that I am stepping into my second tri-mester I am feeling soooooo much better and ready to get back into crafting and sharing my current projects with you! Please check back soon, I plan to work over the weekend on some more new crafts and updating you on some wonderful stuff I have not been able to post in these past months. I adore and appreciate you for taking the time to read my blog and for being ever so patient with my huge posting spaces ;-) Blog ya soon!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Sayvon's Special Frame

I made a promise to the future husband that I would complete a project a day! Today I made the photo frame project from the disney cars Cricut book for my son. He loves it! ;-)
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