Friday, January 6, 2012

Freecycle Wedding

 I promised to keep you all updated and front and center with my ventures in crafting and business. I made These favors for my wedding and I am late posting them because of my soon to come bundle of joy, that kept me sick this whole time! Today I got an email from a new bride to be on and she is of course excited to be engaged to the love of her life. I remember that feeling as it was not too long ago that i got engaged. I also remember the wave of reality that hit when I started adding up the costs for a wedding and the fact that I am here in FL without any of my close friends and family. My now husband and I figured since I am such a talented and crafty crafter that we would have a DIY wedding. That was an adventure that sent me on a roller coaster of feelings  and ups and downs but I am forever grateful for because it proved to me that I am capable of so many things and that my talent exceeds anything I ever expected from my self. My own wedding was also the event that planted the seed for the idea to start my own business. Back to this email I got today, I have several items I am more than willing to donate to this young lady and one of these things is my crafty services. I do hope she takes me up on the offer, I really need a few events under my belt other than my own wedding. I figure if I donate my services to a few young and in need brides it will be a win-win for us both. I will gain more experience with events, build a client base, an opportunity to take pictures of my work and build a portfolio, I can help to ease the stress of some part of planning a wedding for some lucky bride to be, the bride to be will have the opportunity to help design one of kind decor in their wedding colors, It will definitely save them money on these products by just purchasing the materials and getting the services as a donation. I am so excited about all of this and I look forward to the experiences that this journey will bring! XOXO Check back later!

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