Monday, January 2, 2012

Find a passion...

YAY!!! It is a new year and with this new year comes more projects, more ideas and more me! I am now 8 months and have 7 weeks (possibly 6) to go before our little princess arrives. I am so excited about this because OMG! do I want my body back to my self again. I am still going through the pregnancy motions of body aches, sleepless nights, braxton hicks, sciatica and more but I know it is all almost over so I am doing my best to troop this last pregnancy out. I can't believe I am a soon to be mom of six, to think when I was younger I was the one who said I wanted no kids at all. Funny how you make plans for your life, then God turns around and let's you know who is really in control. I am so blessed to have my beautiful children and patient loving husband. I have decided with this new year that I am going to focus on my company/business more, I want to put more into my crafts and God given talents. I realize not everyone can do or make a lot of the things that I am able to make so easily and with comfort. I want to share my talent of creativity with you more so I am gonna focus on it more for this year! I loved making projects for weddings and babies (plus I am good at it) so I have discussed this with my husband we both decided my company needs an area that I can specialize in. I make everything and my crafting is so scattered in different areas such as mini albums, scrapbooking, home decor, weddings, baby showers, party and events decor, clothing, cards and even invitations. It is time I choose just one or two areas to focus and specialize in. I love crafting period, so choosing one or two was not easy but I chose events and decor such as weddings, baby showers and bachelor/bachelorette parties. This will be the main focus of my business, such as invites, save the dates, party favors, gifts, party decor, and more! I am so excited about this because when I was planning my wedding and going the DIY route I absolutely loved it, and when I made stuff for my cousin's baby shower and gift sets for to welcome another cousin's babies home I was in lala land and as happy as can be creating. My dad who is very supportive of me going after my Bachelors in IT Engineering always told me to "find a passion for something you love and make it a business". It is time I follow his advice, of course I am still gonna complete my Bachelors, I could use the background in IT for many things including my current business. So excited about this new year and all the new ideas that it has brought to my heart! I hope you all enjoyed your Holidays and don't forget to check back soon with me as I include you all in my newest ventures of my business! xoxo

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