Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I have a blog!!!! Yay! I have been trying to get this blog thing going for a while now and decided the best way for me to get it done is to "just do it" yea I know corny but so true. I have so many ideas for my blog and my creative gifts that I wanna share through my blog that I can hardly get it together to get it posted. I am sure you have read the "about me" section and if not shame on you! lol (just kidding) but seriously go on over to the left and take a peak. I am going to try to post to my blog weekly for starters and post pics of my work and discuss my crafty ideas and of course anything new or exciting that may happen during my blogging journey. I hope to inspire you and others to craft and create because I truly believe there is an artistic streak in everyone and you just need to find it and tap into it. I am sharing with you my crafting space I think mines is kinda "too" neat by crafters standards but I kinda have an obsessive disorder to keep my area neat so I can find what I need faster. :-) Also notice the obsession with the Eiffel Tower (I love Paris) and like my "about me" says I also love photography so I just had to have this cup which is a replica of a Nikon lens! Ok bloggers thanks for visiting today I do appreciate you an wish you all a blessed evening/day/morning. Till next time ciao!

You can never have enough storage

My writing desk with hubbies desk to the right of me
I love anything that has to do with Paris
Nikon in my opinion makes the best cameras (and cups)
This is my unfinished Yudu/Cardshop/Yourstory/Imagine station (yourstory is behind my laptop)

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